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Are you a single guy as well ? I have found a solution for you!

After being single for almost 3 years now I found myself dived into the industry I never actually thought even existed. In todays day and age they happened to release tons of high technology toys for men. Most of them are highly interactive and can be used in online chatrooms.

When it comes to high-tech male sex toys, there is no lacking in quantity. In fact, the sheer amount of choices available can be intimidating, as can the technology involved. However, knowing what it is exactly that you want and understanding the different types of toys out there and what they offer can all help you take full advantage of what this ballooning market has to offer, increasing your pleasure to level you never before thought possible.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your or your partner’s pleasure through the sense of touch, there are products like the Hello Touch, created by the Bay Area-based, award-winning JimmyJane company. Through its unintimidating and compact design that wraps around the wrist and extends over the finger tips with a pair of Vibration Pods, enclosed in each of which is a silicon Fingerbad. This battery-operated tool enhances the sensation wherever your hand roams, whether through stroking, squeezing, or surrounding. It is quiet, versatile, and waterproof as well as boasts of easy, intuitive controls.


Introducing a completely unique way to achieve an orgasm, without sucking or vagina-like sensations, the Pulse II (or “the Guybrator”) relies on an intense series of oscillations that will bring you instantly to climax. One of the many pros of this toy’s design is that it is not necessary for the man to be erect in order to start using it. Instead, it allows for the sensation of becoming hard, and it can be the ideal solution for those who might suffer from erectile dysfunction. The Guyrator takes full advantage of years of medical research that has learned new ways to bring men to orgasm, the result of which is its patented PulsePlate, a device within the toy that has brought users more intense, prolonged orgasms. Not only does this come in a Pulse II Solo model (ideal for the lonely man), there is a Pulse II Duo option that maximizes sensation for both men and women.


A staple of the male sex toy industry is the cock-ring, a toy that is usually place around the bottom of the penis shaft to slow the flow of blood from the erection, thus helping to maintain it longer. However, new takes have emerged on such devices, one of which is the Magic Motion Dante. Through removable vibrating bullets, which contain built-in motors, rechargeable batteries, and a Bluetooth chip, this toy allows for sensations for both man and woman. The Bluetooth chip allows users to adjust the cock-ring’s intensity easily during intercourse with a simple swipe on one’s smartphone. This easy swiping can also change the vibration patterns without having to stop the lovemaking. This device can also provide a number of data, such as tracking which positions are used, the intensity of the lovemaking, duration, and general performance. All of this can help men learn more about their abilities and teach them which areas could use improvement.


If you’re looking for a good way to spice up a long distance relationship and to feel more connected to your partner no matter who far apart you might be, the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl couple set may be just what you need. Both toys (for his and her pleasure) are enabled via Bluetooth and allow users to video chat through the Kiiroo app platform. The Onyx has a Fleshlight SuperSkin lining, inside which is the Pleasure Core comprising 10 contracting rings that mimic lifelike thrust and that can be controlled remotely by your partner. The Pearl is a vibrator that can likewise be operated by a partner via Bluetooth in order to make it feel as if you two are in the same bed.


Similar to the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl models are Lovense’s Nora and Max, both being reactive to partners’ movements across a long distance. The Nora and Max boast of near-real response time, a completely secure, encrypted platform for ultimate intimacy (zero texts or chats run through the server, making sure no one other than the intended person can read what you’re saying), an intelligent playback that allows partners to record sessions for later use (perhaps when the other is occupied), and having multiple connecting options (e.g., through a third-party chat service such as Skype) so that both partners can see other, making the experience even more intimate.


Other products out there include the High Tech Interactive Virtual Stroker Masturbator, which comes with a mini-tower that connects the device to your computer. This combines touch technology with a selection of pornographic videos that enable the user to experience sex acts as they play out on-screen, thus plunging you into any fantasy that you can think of. You can use it as an addon to many fleshlight models (read a review of the best fleshlight models here)Because of the flexibility of the skin-like technology, nearly any kind of act can be played out, including hand jobs, blow jobs, foot jobs, vaginal sex, and anal sex. Such toys are almost always compatible with Windows and Apple products and require updated media players.



A similar product to that mentioned above is the LaunchPAD, which literally enables people to have sex with their iPads. In essence, this toy is a fleshlight that hooks up to your iPad for easy porn-watching and masturbation. This is no surprise given the sheer amount of people out there who use tablets (and really any Internet connection) to search for porn. While this option doesn’t sync up its motion with what’s happening in the video as the above product does, this is significantly cheaper. It is styled as a holster with two rubber handgrips for easy handling.


The room for innovations in male sex toys is endless, especially as breakthroughs in technology occur daily. While some may stigmatize male sex toys as being unrealistic and unreflective of reality, the above examples of sex toys show that there are models out there that strive to better reflect the reality of sex as well as increase the amount of pleasure an orgasm can provide. They can also be used to increase the connection between two partners, whether in the same bedroom or hundreds of miles away. So, though this may not be entirely inclusive of all the products out there, it’s a good sampling of the direction in which the best advanced male adult toys of 2016 are headed.